Jesus Knows

Jesus was present and fully active during creation. He is the force that holds all of creation together. He has not been surprised by wars and idolatry and sin. He was not surprised by the response of religious leaders 2000 years ago. His payment for sin on the cross was planned and calculated and anticipated from before creation. His victory over death and over the power of sin was always part of the plan. In a conversation with a Muslim friend recently, he said that in Islam they have a higher view of Jesus than we do because they believe that He was God and therefore could not have been killed or even been able to die. In other words, he could not believe that a person who was truly God could have died on the cross . . . I explained to him that Jesus said that no one could take His life from Him, but that He would lay it down. He offered up His perfect life as a deliberate, perfect sacrifice for sinful man. He was not put on the cross and killed, He laid his life down so that all of creation could be ransomed and redeemed from slavery. This was not the unfortunate treatment of a good and noble man. This was the ultimate act of love by the greatest power in all of creation.

Jesus knows. He knows about recessions and riches. He knows about wars and cancer and unemployment. He knows about global warming and global cooling. He knows about elections and stocks and floods and health care. He knows about babies and old people. He knows about broken hearts and about joy. He is not surprised . . .

Whatever you are struggling with, Jesus knows. The nagging fears, the deep resentments, the temptations, the bad habits, the hidden thoughts, the great deceptions, the lack or loss of faith . . . Jesus knows.

The quiet things that you do every day to bless others, Jesus knows. The words not spoken, the complaint not offered, the word of encouragement, the right of way yielded to avoid disaster, the pride swallowed with a smile, the loving service to a loved one or the kindness to a stranger . . . Jesus knows.

The passionate prayers offered — help me Lord, heal my child, save my marriage, heal my heart, let someone love me, help me find a job, stop the spread of hatred, heal our nation, protect my family, ease this pain, fill the emptiness, give me wisdom, conquer this urge within me, save me . . . . Jesus knows.

Jesus knows us. He knows all about our lives. How well do we know Him? How much do we think about what He wants and needs? How often do we ask, "Jesus, what can I do for you? What do you want from me today? How can I be pleasing to you? How can I be a blessing to you? How can I help build your Kingdom today? How can I serve my family better? How can I love my family better? How can I be more responsible, loving, effective, pure, . . . ? How can I be more like you?"

Let's focus more energy on knowing Jesus and His heart and His vision for our lives and for all other lives as well. Jesus knows. Let's become people about whom it is said, "They really know Jesus!"