Core Values

Love God: Faith in God / Reverence for God and His creation

This is the core and foundation of life / Focus on God / Grow in faith
Love and faith cannot be passive / Love and faith must be alive and passionate

Love Others: Compassion / Have Concern for others / "Others" are your neighbors

Love your family first, and then love further and further out — passionately
Discuss and model what is important / Treat others the way you want to be treated
Protect and help the poor and oppressed and those without sufficient resources or care
Have a loving and sensitive heart for the needs of others / Assume the best about others

Authenticity / Have Integrity / Be Sincere / Be Committed

Live consistent with what you claim / Admit failings / Engage / Be passionate

Courage / Be Bold

Stand up for what is right / Don't be passive / Be strong but not unnecessarily aggressive
Face fear / Control passion and anger / Be willing to risk / Protect others

Generosity / Be a Giver

Lovingly help others with time and resources / Hold your time and resources loosely
Desire the best for others / Give grace to others / Share your life and love

Gratitude / Enjoy life / Celebrate life / Be Hopeful

Let your life be marked by joy, gratitude, grace & hope / Look for the good
Engage life and be fully in / Don't be anxious or worried or overly negative

Honesty / Be Truthful

Speak truth lovingly / When you make a mistake, own it and correct it
Honor your word / Keep your commitments

Humility / Let your life speak, not your mouth

Look out for the interests of others / Don't focus on self / Serve others
Seek and give forgiveness / Be Teachable and keep learning

Moderation / Keep things in Balance

Don't drift to extremes in anything
Know your center and your core values and keep coming back to them

Respect / Show respect and be worthy of respect in the seen and unseen areas of life

Live honorably and honor others / Earn respect, don't demand it
Respect others regardless of economic status, nationality, religion, race, education, etc.

Responsibility / Work hard / Have a sense of Duty

Use your gifts and strengths for the good of loved ones and others / Apply yourself
Honor your commitments / Don't be passive / Be disciplined and diligent Make each day count / Exude energy and passion for work and life

Righteousness / Be Honorable / Do the right thing

Choose the right thing even when it is difficult (most everyone knows what is right)
Grieve over sin / Hate nothing but sin and evil / Celebrate goodness and beauty
Stand against evil / Resist sin and evil in yourself first, then you can speak to others

Stewardship / Be Thrifty / Be responsible with your resources

Live on less than you make / Be grateful for what you have / Don't waste
Know what your resources are and make decisions about use

Wisdom / Seek wisdom / Honor wisdom / Pray for wisdom

Seek to turn knowledge and experience into wisdom that deepens your life and the lives of people around you / Examine your life so you can learn and grow