Thoughts on Being a True Friend (Lover)

Romans 12:9-21 (paraphrased)

9 Let your love be honest and pure and real
Hate evil . . . be repulsed by it
Hold on to what is good and pure and right
10 Be devoted to one another in love, be committed, hang in there
Be more concerned for others than for yourself . . . give preference to one another, hold one another up in honor
11 Don't get side-tracked, remember your priorities
Stay focused on the Lord and on the Spirit
12 Rejoice in hope, celebrate with the expectation of victory
Persevere in tribulation, let tough times strengthen you
Be devoted to prayer, pray constantly and expectantly
13 Use your resources to help each other within the family of Christ, take care of each other
Practice hospitality, share the fellowship of your home
14 Bless those who attack you and ridicule you
Bless and do not curse, meet hostility with patience and kindness
15 Rejoice with others in their times of rejoicing
Weep and mourn with them in their times of suffering and struggle
Be involved in their lives
16 Consider yourself on the same level with others, don't be condescending
Don't be arrogant, but associate with the humble and the needy
Be humble, don't consider yourself wise
Don't be a respecter of persons, show respect to everyone
17 Never return evil for evil or harsh words for harsh words
Respect what is right, don't do wrong simply because wrong is done to you
18 To the best of your ability, be at peace with all men
19 Never seek revenge, never seek to pay back evil for evil
Leave vengeance to the Lord, if there is evil to account for, He will settle the account
20 Be kind and gracious to your enemy . . . it will blow him away
21 Don't be overwhelmed by evil, don't let it destroy you
Overcome evil with good